Let’s Talk About…


I’m stuck here. ¬†I believe the time is short and I want you to know of this beautiful gift from a loving Father who doesn’t want you to perish!

There’s so many good things I’m coming across in the Bible. ¬†Did you know, reading the Bible is like talking with God? ¬†It is! I get something new every time I read. ¬†He speaks to us through His word. ¬†I guess that’s why there’s a passage that says:

For the word of God is living and powerful, and sharper than any two-edged sword, piercing even to the division of soul and spirit, and of joints and marrow, and is a discerner of the thoughts and intents of the heart. (Hebrews 4:12)

Anyway, back to salvation…the Bible, in Ephesians 2:8, says this (The underlines and other markings are mine):¬†God¬†saved¬†(you) by His¬†grace¬†when¬†(you)¬†believed. ¬†There’s a whole lot to look at in just that one sentence! ¬†The rest of verse 2:8 actually says that you can’t take credit for it; it is a gift from God. But we’re just looking at the first sentence for this post.

God¬†saved you. That sounds like past tense to me…are you saved? ¬†If you don’t know the answer to that question, you may not be, so it’s time you thought about it.

So, how’s He do that? ¬†How does He save us? ¬†BY HIS GRACE! ¬†He made a choice out of His goodness to give us the gift of salvation though His Son’s death on a cross. ¬†That gift is available to anyone who then chooses¬†to believe! ¬†(This part is hard for some people to wrap their heads around…a gift is a gift.¬† A giver gives a gift not expecting anything in return.¬† The gift is free.¬† It was bought and paid for, in full, by the precious blood of the spotless lamb of God: Jesus Christ.

So, okay…when did He save you? ¬†I personally don’t remember the exact date that He saved me. ¬†I know the year was 2013 and I was 47 almost 48years old…I think it was in December when I finally realized that’s what had taken place. ¬†One morning I woke up and just knew that I knew that I knew.¬† Jesus had saved me the night I cried out to Him and surrendered my will to His.¬† The night I wanted to die.¬† In a way, I guess I did. I surrendered to Him.¬† It just took me a few months to come to the realization…to finally BELIEVE¬†it to be true. Same goes for you.¬† He saved you WHEN you believed!¬† Have you believed yet?

Believed what? ¬†In Jesus? ¬†Yes, of course…but it goes deeper than just believing inJesus. ¬†I believed in Jesus since I was a little girl.¬† But I believed based on what my parents told me and what my family “believed”…but I wasn’t saved. ¬†How do I know that? ¬†Because when He did save me, I knew it! ¬†Fruit started being produced in my life…my thoughts changed, my desires changed, my actions changed…(He’s still working on me but I know my salvation is secure!).


So what do you have to do to be saved? ¬†You have to believe in Jesus and that includes believing that¬†Jesus is who He says He is and did what He said He did…when you believed He saved you!¬† If you choose to believe you will be saved.¬† It’s another one of those beautiful promises in the Bible. Isn’t that amazing?¬† If you aren’t already saved, you should be having a (mind-blown) ūü§Į moment right now! ¬†THIS is the Good News of the Gospel.¬† Just believe and surrender your will to His.¬† Trust me, His is much better than anything you’re trying to do on your own.¬† It is!¬† Your will is what keeps you stuck. ¬†Don’t pass up on the best gift you could ever get…the gift of salvation.

Now I know…

I always thought I was a Christian before. ¬†I thought that my Catholic upbringing “secured” my Christianity. ¬†I never knew anything about being saved and I never had a change of heart.¬† I went through the motions. ¬†I did all the “things”…confession to a priest (frequently…because I kept living my very sinful life) mass, sending my son to Catholic school…I did lots of things as an adult trying to earn God’s approval (more fuel for future posts).¬† I was trying so desperately to please Him, but my heart was not changed.¬† He was not Lord of my life.

I know beyond a¬†shadow of a doubt that He saved me. ¬†I know because of the fruit in my life…my desires have changed. ¬†I want to be closer to Him, I want others to know the grace of God. ¬†I never used to care one way or the other…never really gave it much thought.¬† And now, it’s all I think about.¬† How to help others come to this truth.¬† Father, let Your words take root in the hearts of those who read¬† this post tonight and let this bring glory to you Father by the fruit Your words will produce in their lives.¬† Amen and Amen!

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